We are 5 Knights and we are the best team in amateur UK scene. This mighty roster consists of players of the highest talent that the UK might have ever seen. Winners of the pheonix league, we dont even see this as an achievement as we crushed our opposition completely. We have the might Felix as our rifler (A+ btw) AFX as our IGL, some would say he is the successor of gla1ve himself. Cittasnaf who's awping skill is only comparable to the Lord and saviour himself, Daniel "Mertz" Mertz. Although this roster has an unknown last 2 players they are willing to re-assemble at any point to crush any opponent who stands in their way, and believe me they will make it look easy. The roster recently went through a dark phase where the Official twitch account started beef with RyRy representative of Nihilo Esports. Things such as "Ill shank your fucking mum yeah. Come scrim us nuke you fucking pussyo's we will bang you 16-0" were said by the anonymous org owner of the 5 Knights brand although when they actually met on the battle field the result had not been backed up by the previous words spoken by the owner, and infact the 5 Knights lost 16-1. Ever since that day the team has been on a downwards spiral and wont ever be the same. Excuses have been had on multiple occasions and scapegoats have been made, Serenity being one of the main people they like to blame as they believe he was a burden to the roster, despite being statistically one of their better and if not their best player. Since his departure Serenity has gone on to a greater success with SubToPewdiepie and with his performances on both rosters i believe it is evident he was not the issue. Still the 5 Knights claw and struggle to find their last 2 players and they desperately fight in the supreme league to continue their poor run but it appears they will not be getting anywhere, and the question still crosses their mind every loss. Who is really to blame for the downfall of the mighty 5 Knights?

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