Acidic is an amateur CS:GO team led by Whatshamidt, that has previously played in Amateur CS:GO League and Ignis League, and are currently playing in Acidic League, Bullpup Gaming (under a different name), and Venomous League. The

team's logo represents a scientific flask, behind the word "ACIDIC" in bright neon colors. The team's ranks range from SIlver IV to Master Guardian 2.


Main Team

The current Acidic roster comprises of the following players (with ranks) in no particular order:

Whatshamidt: AWP/ Temp. IGL/Lurk (MG1)

Papors: Refrag/2nd AWP (DMG)

Snow: Support (MG1)

D3rp: IGL/Support


Note: The Acidic roster is undergoing extreme changes at this time. The page will be updated with the new roster soon.

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