Andrei "zoop" Corban is a star player from Romania. Despite the hate from people on cs towards his country he has never stopped carrying people who underestimate him.

Andrei Madalin "zoop" Corban is a 13 year old player from Romania , he moved to the UK after living in Romania for 8 years. Andrei Madalin Corban aka zoop was first in a team called Ocean Esports , after that he moved to loads of teams , some being Phoenix Allstars , Phoenix Awakened , Phoenix Technical , Hidden Fears Esports , after that he went on to the search for teams , he found Team Volpex and progressed to the team's bigger teams Volpex Orange and now Volpex Re:Born , Andrei Madalin Corban started playing the Counter Strike genre since he was 7 years old being inspired by his brother , he later found out about CS:GO and started the grind , Andrei Madalin Corban is now looking to make it to the big screen , more updates on the player's teams and performances will be announced.

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