Ascension is an active Rocket League team founded in May 2018. They currently compete in Division 2 of the European Community Championship Season 1.

Current Roster

The current active roster of Ascension is:

  • Jez (captain)
  • S-Marchio
  • LRTheKing
  • Bree (sub)

Roster History

The first roster of Ascension consisted of Jez, Drijver, koningdonders and Bree. During the Alpha Season of the European Community Championship Ascension signed S-Marchio as a second sub. In the off-season between the Alpha season and Season 1, Drijver and koningdonders left Ascension and LRTheKing was brought in.

During Season 1, KursedWolf joined from Team [insert name] as a second sub.


Team Achievements

Ascension finished in 4th place out of 6 teams in the Second Division of the European Community Championship Alpha Season with a record of 2-3 and 6th place in Division 2 of Season 1.

Player Achievements

Jez and S-Marchio were rated the 4th and 5th best players in the Second Division of the European Community Championship Alpha Season respectively, giving them a place in the Players of the Season category. Jez scored the 3rd most goals in the division that season (12), and got the 2nd most saves (19), and S-Marchio got the 3rd most saves (18).

Jez was rated the 4th best player in Division 2 of Season 2 of the ECC. Jez also got the third most saves in League Play, with 23.

Series Results

ECC Alpha Season

Opponent  Result Score
Glacier Cyan L 1-3
The Roots W 3-1
Snake Bite L 1-3
Sonic Esporteroonis W 3-0
Insidious L 1-3

ECC Season 1

Opponent Result Score
Team [insert name] L 0-3
Team Igneous L 0-3
Hourglass Gaming L 0-3
Skuran Boys L 0-3
Au My Knee L 1-3
Glacier Cyan W 3-0

ECC Season 1 Promotion/Relegation Tournament

BO7 Ascension (Division 2) vs Snake Bite (Division 3): 4-2 win to Ascension.

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