Cobras-Fumantes (abbreviated Cas´Tes) is a defunct team, founded 30th September 2016 by superMclone.

Former rosters

First EU Roster (August - November, 2017)

The first EU roster was formed on the 14th of August, 2017.

Starting Lineup
Player Role Nationality Join date
superMclone Rifle Norwegian 14.08.2017
Helios IGL Austrian 14.08.2017
iLorex AWP Swedish 14.08.2017
xdeie Entry Czech 14.08.2017
Ozymandingo AWP British 14.08.2017
dK iLL*inactive Rifle Austrian 14.08.2017
Former Players
Player Role Nationality Join date Leave date Replaced by... New Team
Ozymandingo AWP British 14.08.2017 17.08.2017 iLorex as AWP Cas`Tes
xdeie Rifle Czech 14.08.2017 21.08.2017 Xelore Cas`Tes
dK iLL Rifle Austrian 14.08.2017 22.08.2017 Cr4sH
Helios IGL Austrian 14.08.2017 26.08.2017 Xelore as IGL
Cr4sH Rifle Austrian 28.08.2017 04.10.2017 BENJIE Cas`Tes
KW Backup Swedish 28.09.2017 04.11.2017
BENJIE Rifle British 01.10.2017 15.10.2017 Krafko Cas`Tes
Penguin Rifle British 16.09.2017 04.11.2017 Will-b0t
Will-b0t Rifle German 15.10.2017 20.10.2017 Ozymandingo
Krafko Rifle Slovakian 15.10.2017 04.11.2017 Cr4sH
Xelore IGL Latvian 17.08.2017 09.11.2017 BENJIE Fianchetto
xdeie Rifle Czech 22.08.2017 12.11.2017 None - Team defunct Fianchetto
iLorex AWP Swedish 14.08.2017 18.11.2017 - Fianchetto
Cr4sH Rifle Austrian 07.11.2017 19.11.2017 -
BENJIE Rifle British 10.11.2017 19.11.2017 -
Ozymandingo AWP British 20.10.2017 19.11.2017 -
superMclone Rifle Norwegian 14.08.2017 19.11.2017 - Fianchetto

Fianchetto (November - December, 2017)

Team Fianchetto was formed by Xelore circa November 9th, 2017. Xelore explained to superMclone on July 4th, 2018 "you can just put it down a side-hustle to get our minds off of Cas`Tes constant roster changes and problems within the team's schedule (...) When [superMclone] and [M0nsTras] left Fianchetto, it left Xelore in a severe depression. He then bought a villa in Northern Italy where he raised 3 children."[1]. superMclone and M0nsTras joined future teammates disrupt_, nebula and Banjobrom in Specs eSports between December 3rd and 7th. Specs eSports split because of scheduling issues, superMclone and M0nsTras intended to form a Norwegian team when possible. They rejoined Fianchetto until the formation of Cobras-FumantesNO.

Player Role Nationality Join date Leave date New team
Xelore IGL Latvian 09.11.2017 ??.12.2017
xdeie Rifle Czech ??.11.2017 ??.12.2017
iLorex AWP Swedish 18.11.2017 ??.12.2017
superMclone Rifle Norwegian 20.11.2017 01.01.2017 Cobras-Fumantes
M0nsTras Rifle Norwegian 20.11.2017 01.01.2017 Cobras-Fumantes
Morten AWP Danish ??.12.2017 ??.12.2017

Cobras-FumantesNO (January, 2018)

The Norwegian squad was formed January 1st, 2018. The move was predicated on superMclone's and M0nsTras' intention to create a team with disrupt_, nebula and Banjobrom, the last of which was unable to play at the time. Brek was recruited and had no experience playing with the others.

superMclone describes his time in the team as "Depressing. I played terribly because I was trying to be an IGL when I wasn't and I couldn't provide leading, fragging or strategy for shit" and "the atmosphere in the team wasn't right, we had an unknown person join and there were many underlying issues." The team fell apart when superMclone and M0nsTras said they wanted to make a team with Xelore after they had played at the LAN event the team had planned to attend on February 22nd. Disrupt_ and nebula left the team shortly after while Brek was not heard from again.

superMclone and M0nsTras unsuccessfully attempted to relaunch Fianchetto in late January with Xelore, xdeie and iLorex as many players did not want to play with each other. M0nsTras would go inactive until early May, when he would rejoin Cobras-Fumantes. superMclone took a break until mid February, when iLorex wanted to reform the team.

Player Role Nationality Join date Leave date
superMclone IGL Norwegian 01.01.2018 26.01.2018
nebula Rifle Norwegian 01.01.2018 26.01.2018
brek Rifle Norwegian 01.01.2018 26.01.2018
disrupt_ AWP Norwegian 01.01.2018 26.01.2018
M0nsTras Entry Norwegian 01.01.2018 26.01.2018

Second EU Roster (March - April, 2018)

The second EU roster was formed sometime in March, 2018. The roster moved to Cursed Cobras April 1st, 2018.

Player Role Nationality Join date Leave date New team
superMclone IGL Norwegian ??.03.2018 01.04.2018 Cursed Cobras
Nexus Rifle Finnish ??.03.2018 01.04.2018 Cursed Cobras
iLorex AWP Swedish ??.03.2018 01.04.2018 Cursed Cobras
ACE AWP Serbian ??.03.2018 01.04.2018 Cursed Cobras
DesirE Entry Latvian ??.03.2018 01.04.2018 Cursed Cobras

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