Cursed Cobras is a part of the European Cursed Gaming organisation. The team was launched on April 1st, 2018 as Cursed Anarchy. The team re-branded to Cursed Cobras on May 1st following a dispute over logo with another organization. Logos from team Cobras-Fumantes are used instead.

As of 25th October 2018 the team is defunct, as all five players decided to part ways with each other and with the organization.



Cursed Cobras, April-October 2018.

Player Role Nationality Join date Leave Date
superMclone Captain Norwegian 01.04.2018 25.10.2018
Nexus AWP/IGL Finnish 01.04.2018 25.10.2018
nebula Rifle Norwegian 01.04.2018 25.10.2018
Xelore Rifle Latvian 31.07.2018 25.10.2018
Ecke Rifle Swedish 14.08.2018 25.10.2018
M0nsTras Backup Norwegian 01.04.2018 25.10.2018


Player Role Nationality Join Date Leave Date
Muntlol IGL British 12.05.2018 16.05.2018
iLorex AWP Swedish 01.04.2018 17.05.2018
Xelore IGL Latvian 03.04.2018 10.05.2018

 Former Rosters

Cursed Anarchy (April 1st - May 17th, 2018)

Throughout February and March, superMclone and iLorex attempted to rebuild team Cobras-Fumantes following its disintegration. superMclone was contacted by ACE, then Team Captain for Cursed Anarchy. ACE transferred captain responsibility to superMclone in March, the following roster launched April 1st, 2018.

The final roster (below) included the core of superMclone, iLorex and Xelore, who had played together since August 2017. Xelore stepped down on the 10th of May, stating "I don't have time to play games any more - shits dumb". iLorex was replaced by disrupt_ on the 17th of May, coincidentally the national day of Norway.

Player Role Nationality Join Date
superMclone Support Norwegian 01.04.2018
Nexus Support Finnish 01.04.2018
iLorex AWP Swedish 01.04.2018
M0nsTras Entry Norwegian 01.04.2018
Xelore IGL Latvian 01.04.2018
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