The EEL Mini League was a European amateur Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It took place over the weekend of November 23-25, 2018. 

Fli6ht Gaming won the tournament, and picked up their first title as a roster, beating Smiley Popcorn 2-0 in the best-of-three final. Fli6ht Academy, who played under the Rhino123 name, defeated Smiley Popcorn Black in the 3rd placed game. 

It was a one-off tournament ran by the staff in the E-mpire Esports League, who previously ran a similar tournament with the Alike Cup in summer 2018. 


Map Pool

  • Cache
  • Dust 2
  • Inferno
  • Mirage
  • Nuke
  • Overpass
  • Train


Reference[2]. Fli6ht Academy acquired the roster who played under 'Rhino123'.

Final Standings

Position Team
1st Fli6ht Gaming
2nd Smiley Popcorn
3rd Fli6ht Academy
4th Smiley Popcorn Black
5th-8th Adrift eSports
Nanded Esports
Pragmatic Esports
9th-16th Booty Bashers
Disco Bjorn
K9 Esports
Polar Weasels
Random Esports
Undertake Esports
Voltage eSports


Round 1 (best-of-one):

  • Random Esports 11-16 Adrift eSports
  • K9 Esports 7-16 Smiley Popcorn
  • Smiley Popcorn Black 16-1 Booty Bashers
  • Disco Bjorn 12-16 Hellbound
  • Rhino123 16-7 Phoenix
  • Pragmatic Esports 16-14 Undertake Esports
  • Nanded Esports 16-12 Polar Weasels
  • Fli6ht Gaming W-L Voltage eSports

Quarter-Finals (best-of-one)

  • Fli6ht 16-1 Nandad Esports
  • Rhino123 16-5 Pragmatic Esports
  • Smiley Popcorn Black 16-3 Hellbound
  • Smiley Popcorn 16-13 Adrift

Semi-Finals (best-of-three)

  • Fli6ht vs Rhino123
  • Smiley Popcorn vs Smiley Popcorn Black




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