The European Community Championship, usually abbreviated to ECC, is a series of online Rocket League tournaments for European teams, for PC and PS4 players.



Season Date Winners Runners-Up
Alpha 27 Jun - 8 Aug 2018 Jigglypuffs (D1)

Snake Bite (D2)

Easy Clap (D1)

Sonic Esporterronis (D2)

S1 15 Aug - 14 Oct 2018 AuC Legends (D1)

Avence Esports (D2)

Lucent Esports (D3)

Glacier Orange (D1)

Phoenix Inferno (D2)

Snake Bite (D3)

S2 31 Oct 2018 - 27 Jan 2019 AuC Legends (D1)

Irrelevants Esports (D2)

Irrelevants Black (D2)

Minimum Wage (D3)

Ephermeral (CD)

The Flying Rockets (D1)

eNightmare (D2)

Snake Bite (D3)

S3 20 Feb - 29 May 2019 TBC (CD, D1, D2)

X2 Romania (D3)

TBC (CD, D1, D2)

Meteor (D3)

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