Season 3 of the European Community Championship, usually abbreviated to ECC, is an online Rocket League tournament for European teams, for PC and PS4 players. It began on February 20th, 2019, and is scheduled to conclude on May 29th, 2019.

It was the first season which expanded the ECC from four divisions, to five divisions, introducing a 'Legends Division'.


  • 5 divisions of 10 teams. Each team plays every other team in the division.
  • Division matches Bo5.
  • Top four teams progress to play-offs to determine divisional winner.
  • Play-off matches Bo7.


Legends Division

Champions Division

Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
AuC Legends 1Touch Aqua Fair eSports Ascension Aftermath Legacy
bim bam banzai unicorns Arctic Frenzy Godalions Aether Au My Knee DSEA
Entity Irrelevant Purple Godalions Xbox Fixed eSports e-LEMON-ators
Godalions Luxor Esports Irrelevants Pink Godalions Validus Irrelevants Saffron
IntactGG Pyro eSports Paragon Igneous Esports Academy Meteor
Zypher Black R3d Water | Aqua Team Streak Lunar Esports Nova
Zypher Green Serac The Bots LyNx Clan R3D Water | Tidal Waves
Zypher Purple Shadow Stalkers eSports Untouchables NoHope eSports Team ALPHA
Zypher Silver The Nightmares Yeet Ninjas Raptorz Esports TeamTT
Zypher Yellow Zypher Blue Zypher Red Snake Bite X2 Romania

Final Standings



Team 1 Team 2 Division Round Date
R3D Water | Tidal Wave L W Meteor Division 3 Semi-Final [Note 1] 11 May 2019
X2 Romania 4 2 DSEA Division 3 Semi-Final 11 May 2019
R3D Water | Tidal Wave 2 4 DSEA Division 3 3rd/4th Decider 11 May 2019
X2 Romania 4 0 Meteor Division 3 Final 11 May 2019

Esports Academy

4 0 Godalions Validus Division 2 Semi-Final 12 May 2019
Au My Knee 4 2 No Hope eSports Division 2 Semi-Final 12 May 2019
Godalions Validus 3 4 No Hope eSports Division 2 3rd/4th Decider 12 May 2019

Esports Academy

2 4 Godalions Validus Division 2 Final 12 May 2019
Zypher Red 4 3 Fair eSports Division 1 Semi-Final 18 May 2019
Untouchables 4 1 Yeet Ninjas Division 1 Semi-Final 18 May 2019
Fair eSports Yeet Ninjas Division 1 3rd/4th Decider 18 May 2019
Zypher Red Untouchables Division 1 Final 18 May 2019

Note 1: R3D Water | Tidal Wave needed to forfeit the series, after a player disconnected.

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