Fli6ht Gaming (stylized as FLI6HT) were a European gaming organisation based in the United Kingdom. The team have got active rosters in Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Fortnite.

The CS:GO team departed the organisation on January 4th 2019, ahead of the 30th season of ESEA.[1]


Fli6ht Gaming were founded in 2018. Their first Counter-Strike roster joined the organisation in October 2018, and took part in ESEA Intermediate and the EEL Mini League. They also had a second team which participated in Ignis League Season 3.

Player Rosters

CS:GO European Academy Roster

Player Role Nationality
Gingeh UK
Wibbo UK
jAustere UK


Player Role Nationality
Temry UK
EmuZe Sweden
Chr0s UK


Player Role Nationality
Anders Owner UK
Vex Owner UK

Former Players

CS:GO European Roster

Player Role Nationality Leave Date New Team
WarDog The Netherlands 4 Jan 2019 LFO
sadgite France 4 Jan 2019 LFO
ZA0X France 17 Dec 2018[2]
Pr0tated UK 4 Jan 2019 LFO
teroR France 4 Jan 2019 LFO
teroR France 4 Jan 2019 LFO
Max UK 4 Jan 2019
wizardcs Austria 9 Nov 2018[3]



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