Frankie "Fronkelz" Ewer is a Amateur CS:GO player who plays for Team Volpex in the support role

Fronkelz started playing CS:GO casually on a laptop back in 2015 but back then he didn't know much about the game he also unboxed a knife on his 4th case and was confused as to what he got it was a flip scorched, His previous teams tought him alot also starting off carrying BlackoutV before they disbanded after a week then Pray4Luck where he really started to get competitive and learnt alot about the game he then left to join Damage incorporated Gaming Community where he left as he could not find a roster. After this it took him a week to get back into the game finding the team United Kings brought him to where he is now in Volpex through Phoenix Leauge.

Making his comeback in at Christmas 2017 When we hadn't played for 2 years as his laptop broke he has climbed many ranks since and looking like a future superstar.

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