GoasHax (abbreviated to GHAX) is a worldwide eSports organisation founded in 2017. The start was first in Austria. 2018 was the first time where GoasHax got a new Team beside the Austrian, it was the first Algerian Line-Up. It endet mid 2018.

2019 there was GoasHax create a new Line-Up for the Algerian Team.

2019 Also a Hungary Team joins GoasHax with the game Rainbow Six Siege.


GoasHax_Algeria LineUp

Player Role Nationality
Zer0xs Rifler, Captain Algeria
LDT AWP Algeria
-KaaaqN- IGL Algeria
GodSphyy Rifler Algeria
Niko1k Rifler-AWP Algeria
Asta2k Stand-In Algeria

GoasHax_Austria LineUp

  • QuetschiBar
  • Calvin
  • Exo
  • sMp_

Rainbow Six Siege Hungary

  • mrtNNN
  • Nanii
  • Hodka
  • MediQ
  • umfaaaar


Name Role Nationality Manager, Mod, Streamer, Caster Austrian
hAUSER Manager, Mod, Streamer Austrian
QuetschiBar Moderator Austrian
tobixsblack Streamer Austrian

Achievements (CSGO Algeria)

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