Godalions is a European-based esports organisation, with active Rocket League rosters competing in the European Community Championship.

As of Spring 2020, Godalions fields seven Rocket League teams:

  • Godalions
  • Godalions Aether
  • Godalions Aztecs
  • Godalions Celeritas
  • Godalions Divine
  • Godalions Tempest


Godalions played in Season 2 of the ECC, finishing 4th in Division 2 and reaching the play-offs, but did not get promoted.

Godalions fielded four Rocket League teams in Season 3 of the ECC, known as Godalions, Godalions Aether, Godalions Validus and Godalions Xbox. The 'main' team finished 4th in the Legends Division, the highest division of the ECC in Season 3. Aether and Xbox teams finished in 6th and 7th positions respectively in Division 1, with the Xbox team winning 3-0 in their league match. The Validus team reached the Division 2 play-offs, but did not get promoted.

Most of the old teams from early 2019 disbanded and new teams replaced the old ones. The main team of Godalions participated in the RLRS open qualifiers in 2019. In 2019 a lot happened with Godalions, new teams joined, old teams disbanded.



Player Country
Sketch GB
Feral GB
MattM GB

Godalions Aether

Player Country
Chaotix GB
Aza GE
Horizon GE

Godalions Aztecs

Player Country
Macas LT
Heav NL
Mittie NL

Godalions Celeritas

Player Country
Robo GB
Benn GB
Voffie SW

Godalions Divine

Player Country
Shady US
Johnbomb2004 US
Divine US

Godalions Tempest

Players Country
Dave GE
Matty C BE
CCCwolverineYT BE

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