Heartbreak Esports

Heartbreak Esports is a growing professional Esports organization based in Northwest Arkansas. HBE was created by Chad "Speedy" Crumpler, hosts a wide variety of players, titles, and currently prides itself on the championship-winning R6 Siege Team. Heartbreak is a down to earth representation of the value of community Esports at the professional level. HBE is a transparent and accomplished organization with firm goals. Heartbreak Esports offers members the chance to grow and thrive in the industry that we have all grown up with and love.


Rainbow Six Siege (PS4) Rainbow Six Siege (Xbox)
UrbanHeartbreak (Captain) Heartbreak Tm Loyalty (Captain)
BolaHeartbreak Heartbreak Tm Waves
XavaHearbreak Heartbreak K2 Impluse
uwuHearbreak Heartbreak K2 Kovah
RageHeartbreak Heartbreak Onlinx
Rainbow Six Siege (PS4) Subs Rainbow Six Siege (Xbox) Subs
GinHeartbreak Heartbreak Gaeci
DonkeyHeartbreak Heartbreak Angry Colt
Rocket League Apex Legends (PC) Super Smash Bros: Ultimate Gears of War
WrathHeartbreak Sealguy Archae Hench117
Streamers (Twitch) Streamers (Mixer)
Daylocklive Bolding


Rainbow Six Siege (PS4) PLM Champions

Notable Members

Logan "Huggie" Horton two time National Championship HSEL Coach.

Shenshin - web design and management.

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