Kaoz Clan is an esports and content creation organization owned by KaozPerry.  They have sponsors consisting of: 

  • Pryde Apparel 
  • Galvanized Grips 
  • Rogue Energy

Kaoz has participated in multiple small csgo leagues. 

  • Amature CSGO League
  • Acidic League
  • Freeform Gaming
  • Glacial League
  • Ignis League
  • Olympus

Kaoz took second in the ACL Season 1 and Season 2. They have also taken 1st in Freeform Gaming Season 1.

Their Counter-Strike team is captained by LevelDown, and consists of 7 total members.

Kaoz CS



  • Nut

Main Team

  • LevelDown (IGL)
  • Koopa (Rifler/Secondary AWPer)
  • GrumpyCactus (AWPer)
  • Iceman (Rifler)
  • Misterfroster (Entry)


  • NotSoAxel (Rifler)
  • Stewie/Jay (Rifler)
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