Kuruma Esport is a French esports organization that own esports rosters in several games.

This organization has been created by Bowerpold in March of 2018.

The org has two Counter Strike: Global Offensive french lineups, that include Kuruma Esport main team and Kuruma Academy.

Active Roster

Active Squad
Nickname Role Nationality Join date
Azura IGL French 2019-02-03
Finasty Support French 2019-02-03
dis2ric2os Lurker French 2019-08-25
Keranos Entry French 2019-03-24
zalek 2nd entry French 2019-06-25


Former Players
Player Nationality Join Date Leave Date
iz0 French 2019-02-03 2019-03-24
LP French 2019-02-03 2019-03-24
GameFu French 2019-02-03 2019-03-05
AZzoCat French 2019-03-24 2019-06-29
Felalex French 2019-03-24 2019-06-29
Darkdrex French 2019-07-05 2019-08-16


Nickname Position Nationality
Bowerpold CEO French
ZeD CEO French
Warwoodfr CEO French


  • TOP 1 - Lucifer Emperors of Evil (20€)
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