Lucent eSports is a British eSports organisation, mainly in Gears of War and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Player Rosters



Player Role Nationality
Kremer3 Rifler British
JMCG Rifler British
Kashy Rifler British
Legendakhii Rifler Danish
Youssi Rifler British


Player Nationality
Blank Portuguese
Reflecti1on British
Z1ppy British
DeeEmSee Kiwi

Gears of War

Player Nationality
Fxrtenz Spanish
LeGeNDz Spanish
Kugars Spanish
Fracturez Spanish
Totti Spanish


Gears of War

Player Nationality Leave Date New Team
Exoothz Spanish 2018-04-28 Regal Reserve

1st British CS:GO Roster

Player Role Nationality
Archie IGL British
General Entry British
maxw0w AWP British
HTR Rifle British
cLu Rifle British

CS:GO Academy Roster

Player Role Nationality
WG6 IGL British
Chriserit Entry Norwegian
Mitoas AWP Irish
Tyfe_ Lurk Australian
DeeEmSee Support Kiwi


Name Role Nationality
WG6 Owner British
J4MΞSY^ Owner British
Specs Owner British


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