Maurice “m4ur1ce” is a german Media Manager of TwoPictures Gaming.

Before his time in Counter-Strike Maurice played football in his spare time. He knew Slash from a Football Camp in Berlin where they played together.

He started playing CS:GO in 2014 and founded later the First Zombie Squad (Abbreviatedis as FZS).

Together with FZS he hosted CS:GO Tournaments like the FZS Tournament #1. He invited Slash’s team to participate on this event. TPG made it into the Grand Final and placed second at the end.

On the 18th of July 2018 Maurice joined TPG as a Media Manager. He is responsible for the Homepage of TwoPictures Gaming.

Before his time as a Media Manager in TPG, Maurice created and supervise the homepage of his old school.

Outside of the game Maurice is working at the Berlin Soccer Association as a voluntary worker. He organizes tournaments for female soccer and E-Soccer.

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