NexusNation is a gaming community which started early 2013. With the Owners having experience running communities in the past. As of right now with nearly 100,000 members on steam. NexusNation is the biggest gaming community in UK providing a hand full of servers to the community.


In 2018, NexusNation held a competetion in order to find a Counter-Strike:Global Offensive roster that plays well together and has good chemistry. The end result was the following team that is known as "Toxic 8" by many or simply put "Dogs".


Player Role Nationality
Maksim "ksoma" Manojlović In-Game Leader United Kingdom
Semir "tubinh0" Tubić Lurker Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mikel "CURSED" Akl Rifler Sweden
Filip "FiLDA^" Flaks Entry Czech Republic
Vojtěch "breakh" Kubrický AWPer

Czech Republic

Bojan "WIX" Dukić Entry(Sub) Serbia
Djebbe "Bomaye" Paszli Rifler(Sub) Netherlands
Aymaan "Ay" Ann Nur Lurker(Sub) Sweden
Loki Coach

United Kingdom

Fraser "Bingboy33" Smyth Manager United Kingdom

Player Biography:

ksoma, known for calling everyone a dog and making his bayonet go karambit for Juliano.

tubinh0, known for screaming or being very toxic. Notable moments would be screaming "Die you fucking retard, Die!" to Ay while standing ramp on Dust 2.

CURSED, known for loving Brazil and Coldzera.

FiLDA^, known for being suspected for cheating on an amateur league and being boosted 3k ELO.

breakh, known for having no hairline but being hot as fuck at the same time.

WIX, known for storing all CS knowledge in his king sized forehead.

Bomaye, known for being high all the time on weed or shrooms and belly dancing.

Ay, known for being the best bait EU, also known on the side as ksomas' pet dog or tubinh0s' bitch, is really good at making food, not so good at CS.

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