Nitain.GG is an orgless Danish CS:GO team.

Imperator, Daedric and Guz all joined the team at the same time after leaving danish organisation Nitrox.

As Nitain.GG is an orgless team, they have no manager, coach etc. they 'only' have a roster of 5 players.

Nitain.GG aren't currently looking for an organisation, but they might in the future.

News about the roster

Date News
16/12/2018 Krybos leaves Nitain.GG
26/11/2018 Rollo joins on trial
??/10/2018 Daedric is kicked from Nitain.GG
20/05/2018 SuuB joins Nitain.GG on trial
Note: All the dates below are in DD/MM/YYYY

Active roster

Active roster Name Join date Age Nationality
Imperator Mads 10/04/2018 15 Danish
Rollo Hector ON TRIAL 14 Danish
Guz Gustav 10/04/2018 15 Danish
SuuB Victor 20/05/2018 15 Danish

Former players

Former players Name Join date Leave/kick date
Krybos Marcus 13/05/2018 16/12/2018
Daedric Benedict 10/04/2018 01/10/2018
JMF Jonas 11/04/2018 11/05/2018

Temporary stand-ins

Temporary stand-ins Name Date of standing in Tournament(s)/league(s) Standing in for
Lasse P Lasse 17/08/2018 Ignis League SuuB
McLasse Lasse ??/07/2018 EEL Guz
AesPecT Jonas 20/07/2018 EEL Daedric

Team achievements

Date Placement Type Prize Tournament/league name
17/08/2018 - ??/09/2018 5th - 8th Tournament 0€ Ignis League
06/07/2018 - ??/??/2018 12th Tournament 0€ EEL
12/06/2018 - 30/06/2018 1st - 7th Qualifier A spot in EEL EEL Qualifier
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