Patrik “pakesZ” is a hungarian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player for Plasnite and Coach of TwoPictures Gaming.

Before playing CS:GO pakesZ played Counter-Strike 1.6 competitively with MYB until 2012.

Since December 2013 he is playing CS:GO for teams like xTray, Hacker Inside, BrainStorm, Plasnite and EXE eSports. He started off playing in xTray, later in Hacker Inside and due to his succes pakesZ got signed by BrainStorm and later on by Plasnite. Because of internal issues Plasnite kicked pakesZ and abolished some days later.

pakesZ got approached by EXE eSports together with his former teammate nonsense after he got kicked out of Plasnite. After some internal issues occurred they split up. The attempt to build up the team one more time was unsuccessful, because EXE eSports dropped them for a hungarian superteam.

Before he joined TPG, pakesZ joined Scorpia Tournaments as an analyst and caster after he played with Plasnite in two of their tournaments. He casted a lot of games of TPG which was a reason why he wanted to join TPG.

pakesZ joined TwoPictures Gaming on the 23th of August 2018 as Coach. In the meantime he bought Plasnite and is now the Leader of the organisation.

“I wanted to build an organisation for a long time, because I like to take things in my own hand.“ - pakesZ

Until now pakesZ participated in big tournaments like ICL, MNEB V4, PlayIT, LvLUp, Regional Lans, GamePub LAN, WM Lan together with MYB, xTray, Plasnite and EXE eSports.

Gear and Settings

Mouse DPI Ingame sens.
SteelSeries Rival 100 400 0.9
Zowie G-SR
Monitor Refresh rate In-game resolution
ASUS VG248QE 144 HZ 1024x768
Keyboard Headset
Kingston HyperX Alloy FPS HyperX Cloud II

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