Ewan "Prodigy" Tait (born July 25, 2001) was a 17 year-old Scottish amateur Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. He currently plays for Team Alba eSports as a Rifler and Tertiary AWPer. He is known for his cornerstone place in his team and his high-spirit patriotic personality.


Prodigy started playing CSGO in mid 2015 after constant requests by local school friends, He entered the eSports scene in October 2015 by joining his first team "Crimson Corrupt" as an AWPer. Crimson Corrupt disbanded on 22nd December after a 2 month reign.

Essex-based CSGO team "9Worlds" signed Prodigy as a Rifler & Secondary AWPer, after a successful run with 9Worlds by helping them win two local tournaments, Prodigy resigned from the team in March 2017.

Prodigy & IRL friend StunneR founded "Team Alba eSports" to represent Scotland in the UK eSports scene, at first the team was compiled of high school friends: Prodigy, StunneR, Jonny, Toxxie & MrSteele until finding future members Bingboy & SirSgtSmall. Prodigy has to this day stuck as a member of ALBA's main roster with them being his longest running team that he has played for.



Keyboard Mousepad Mouse Headset Monitor
Fnatic Gear Rush Fnatic Gear Focus 2 (Desktop Size) Steelseries Rival 700 Razer Kraken 7.1


BenQ EW2775ZH 27 inch


  • CSLON Final MVP
  • ACL Qualifier
  • 6th Placed in ACL
  • 4th Place in EACL Pre-Season
  • EEL Season 2 Qualifier Participant
  • Obsidian eSports League Participant
  • EuroCSL Participant

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