Joe "Relic" Conville is a british Counter-Strike : Global Offensive often dubbed as "BigBrain", an inside joke as his decisions in games can be questionable to say the least

Before playing CS:GO Relic was a top 20 Badlion Minecraft PvPer

He has been playing Counter-Strike for 4 years. Throughout those years he has always been an AWPer.

Relic has been on many UK Rosters such as Ascend, Aesir, Forsaken and he is currently playing for 7Sins Esports alongside MBK, Cosmo, Rana and Bailey.

Gear and Settings

Mouse Ingame Sens DPI Raw Input
Steelseries Rival 310 2 500 On
Steelseries QCK+
Keyboard Headset
Corsair k70 Lux RGB HyperX Cloud II
Style Size Thickness Sniper Gap Outline Dot
4 3 0 0 -3 0 0
Monitor Refresh Rate In-Game Resolution
AOC G2460PF 144 1280x960 Stretched


  • Biggest Of Brains
  • Ignis League Semifinals X2 Quarters X2
  • 3x ESEA Open

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