RoyalTea was a European eSports team, which had an active CounterStrike: Global Offensive roster.


RoyalTea was founded in July 2018 after the core of the roster was dropped by Ferrum eSports. The roster won the inaugural season of Ignis Amateur League playing under the banner of T4Lyfe. The team planned to compete in ESEA Open.

RoyalTea's roster was acquired by FreshFox Esports in August 2018.

Active Rosters

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Players Role Nationality
BrK IGL/AWPer British/Swedish
m3dic Rifler British
Flowinghot Rifler Belgian
Gary Entry British
MRL Rifler British


Players Role Nationality
Kyte Rifler British

Previous Players

Players Role Nationality Joined Left New Team
Pure Awper British July 25th 2018 August ?? 2018 N/A


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