Scorpius eSports are a gaming organisation based in the United States. The team have got active rosters in Rocket League, Brawlhalla and H1Z1.

The former Counter-Strike roster won the European Esports League Season 1 and also featured in Hound League and European Amateur League Season 1.

Previous Players

NA CS:GO Roster 2017

Player Role Nationality
Redneck (Sentry) IGL American
Loony Entry Canadian
Saw_Rice Rifle Canadian
Yayy (Shnwy) AWP Canadian
Arkham Entry American

EU CS:GO Roster 1.0

Player Role Nationality
Camz IGL British
Basinity Entry German
Luca Rifle Austrian
Rampage AWP Polish
Ozone Entry Polish

EU CS:GO Roster 2.0

Player Role Nationality
Benji Entry Danish
Gleast IGL Dutch
WarDog Lurk Dutch
voluk Rifle Finnish
Snakie AWP Finnish

EU CS:GO Roster 2.1

Player Role Nationality
Benji Entry Danish
Ceylo Rifler Danish
WarDog Lurk Dutch
voluk AWP Finnish
Havoc Rifle Finnish
EU CS:GO Roster 3.0
Player Role Nationality
Florp Support Swedish
EpK Awper Finnish
Static_inner_flow IGL Irish
Tillman Entry Swedish
Burre Rifle Swedish


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