Snake Bite is an European Rocket League team. It is currently competing in the third division of the European Community Championship Season5.


  • Alpha Yui (Captain)
  • MachtFISCH
  • emthy
  • Kurs3dWolf


The team originally formed to compete in the community league "EPL". The original roster consisted only out of Alpha Yui, MachtFISCH and PsyEye. After the EPL was disbanded due to mismanagement, Snake Bite was one of the various teams joining the ECC. They played in division 2 in the very first test season and took first place with a 4-2 record. However, as the seeding was redone for the first season of the ECC, the team ended up playing as the fourth seed in the third division in this season. With the start of the new season, LegoLele and Sooubway joined the team.

After season 2, LegoLele and Sheed4Speed left the team in exchange for Kurs3dWolf and later emthy. This roster has been the active roster since then.


Snake Bite won the Alpha Season of the European Community Championship. MachtFISCH earned the title of MVP, being #1 in Goals, Assists, Saves and Shots across the entire division. Alpha Yui was nominated as well after being #2 in Goals and Assists.

Snake Bite also won League Play of Division 3 in the European Community Championship Season 1

With LegoLele and Sheed4Speed on their roster, they won the Challenger Division of UERLA.

After promoting to Division 3 (former Division 2) of the European Community Championship, they qualified for playoffs two times in a row.

Match History

Date Event Opponent Result
01.07.2018 ECC Alpha Season Glacier Cyan 3-1
10.07.2018 ECC Alpha Season Insidious 3-0
18.07.2018 ECC Alpha Season The Roots 0-3
20.07.2018 ECC Alpha Season Ascension 3-1
22.07.2018 ECC Alpha Season Sonic Esporteroonis 2-3
16.08.2018 ECC Season 1 The Roots 3-0
23.08.2018 ECC Season 1 Meteor 3-0
11.09.2018 ECC Season 1 LegaX_eSports 1-3
13.09.2018 ECC Season 1 3 Musketeers 3-0
23.09.2018 ECC Season 1 Primal Nova 2-3
30.09.2018 ECC Season 1 Team Fat 3-2



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