About SubToPewds

SubToPewds are a mighty force that was assembled to win the supreme league. The roster consist of the finest supporters of pewdiepies campaign against T-Series. Our original goal when we formed this roster was to destroy the 5 Knights as they were supporting the foul T-Series. As time went on we realised we had already surpassed our goal and the 5 Knights roster had disbanded. We then took the time to rethink our goal as a roster and set our target to winning the supreme league where we expected our mightiest foe to be the wide swingers, who due to some unfortunate events were unable to participate in alot of their matches which then lead to them dropping out. We aim to make supreme league history by winning the first season unbeaten and claim the first place prize of £60. At the time of writing this the team has only lost 18 rounds and has a round difference of +78. Looking at the other group we have set our target as Efinity as they also remain unbeaten and we have partnered forces with fellow disciple of Daniel Mertz Jaustere to take down the force know as We are looking to do our part and spread the word that pewdiepie cannot lose to T-Series and aim spread the word by taking the first place spot in the supreme league so everyone can acknowledge the Bro's known as SubToPewdiepie.


Group Stages:

  • SubtoPewds 16-5 Meridian
  • SubToPewds 16-3 Nihilo
  • SubToPewds 16-1 GamerGrotta
  • SubToPewds 16-6 Nordic Fox
  • SubToPewds 16-0 Meridian
  • SubToPewds 16-3 GamerGrotta
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