VulsFire is a gaming organisation based in France owning several Esports rosters including CS:GO, Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege & Fortnite. 

This organization has been created by Desmestrios & Rip-Furl

The org has three Counter Strike: Global Offensive french lineups, that include VulsFire Bright, VulsFire White & VulsFire Oreo.

The VulsFire Bright CS:GO division was formed on October 2nd, 2019.

Active Roster

Player Role Nationality Join date
Shawk IGL / 2nd entry French 2019-10-02
RayQua Support Dutch 2019-10-02
Akame AWP French 2019-10-02
Deartslash Lurker French 2019-10-02
Zfeo Entry French 2019-10-02


Name Role Nationality
Desmestrios CEO French
Rip-Furl CEO French
Oozade Head Manager French
Mochi Manager CSGO Swiss


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