Winners Mentality

Winners mentality

Winners Mentality (former Lucent Esports, LegaX Esports) is an European active Rocket League team competing in the [1]ECC. The team was formed in august 2018, right before the first season of ECC, with the original 3 players being gif, flaqe and F0llik. The team finished second in division 3 league play, and therefore qualified for the championship playoffs, which they won with [2]Meteor's T!mmyt0e standing in for the sick F0llik. Due to a second division team dropping out, Winners Mentality got promoted to the second division for the second season. On the 16th of october MagikerN joined the team, and F0llik got benched.

Roster + stats

IGN Join date Series played* Goals* Assists* Saves* Games played*
gif 12-08-18 12 33 18 57 48
flaqe 12-08-18 6 18 14 42 26
MagikerN 16-10-18 5 9 6 18 18
F0llik 12-08-18 6 14 8 24 25

*in total ECC carreer, every season included.


Tournament Placement Date Roster at that moment
ECC div 3 league play #2 26-09-18 gif, flaqe, F0llik
ECC div 3 playoffs #1 06-10-18 gif, flaqe, T!mmyt0e (standin)
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