Xelectro eSports are a gaming organisation based in Europe. The team have got three active rosters in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The team were founded in 2016 by Linksu, and are managed by Linksu and Eetu.

Xelectro are sponsored by Net9 and Gamerworld.

Player Rosters

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Main Team 

Player Role Nationality
Eelis "sense" Ahti Finland
Kimi "makineN" Makinen Finland
Antti "ViinaMinisteri" Ilmojoki Finland
Tuomas "KEKIS" Kekalainen Finland
Julle "Julle" Pursiainen Finland

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Main Team A

Player Role Nationality
Noel "fendiskaan" Laukkonen Finland
Tomi "Tr33jy" Venalainen Finland
Jiri "J1RI" Auvinen Finland
Niko "Nibz" Salminen Finland
Oskari "osku" Pessinen Finland


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Europe team

Player Role Nationality
Kaneki UK
Adam "Adamr" UK
Jewded UK
Fabio "Theria" Italy
Genji Finland



  • CSGO Main team - Supreme League Off-Season - Champions
  • CSGO Europe team - CGE Automn Tournament - Champions
  • CSGO Main A team - CGE November Tournament - Champions
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