Zypher Esports is an European-based gaming team, who field multiple Rocket League rosters in numerous events, including the European Community Championship.

As of Spring 2019, Zypher have eight Rocket League teams:

  • Zypher Black
  • Zypher Blue
  • Zypher Green
  • Zypher Purple
  • Zypher Pink
  • Zypher Red
  • Zypher Silver
  • Zypher Yellow


Zypher Esports submitted three teams into the ECC Collider Cup, an offseason online Rocket League event in 2019, known as Zypher White, Zypher Red and Zypher Green. Zypher White finished the tournament in 2nd place to Irrelevant eSports, while Zypher Green made the semifinals.

Zypher fielded seven teams in ECC Season 3, which began in February 2019, known as Zypher Black, Zypher Blue, Zypher Green, Zypher Purple, Zypher Red, Zypher Silver and Zypher Yellow. Five of their teams competed in the Legends Division, with only one team reaching the play-offs, while Blue played in the Champions Division, and Red competed in Division 1.

The biggest achievement Zypher has made is that 3 of their rosters qualified for the Play-ins through the qualifiers and would therefore be considered top 128 in Europe. 2 of the rosters went on to narrowly finish top 96-65 in the play-ins and the last one finishing top 128-97. It was some close games that ended up stopping the 2 rosters at top 96-65, but none the less, that's where they finished. 

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